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Brillenbär - Bing Bilder

Brillenbär - Bing Bilder

Brillenbär - Bing Bilder

Brillenbär - Bing Bilder

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Danish photographer Morten Koldby has taken the most impressive animal portraits I have ever seen! Staring at us straight in the face, from point-blank ran

Last October, Edga could have required the removal of her gall bladder due to the irreparable damage caused by invasive bile extraction. But she is a lucky one. The very next day after her recent medical, she returned to her bear house where she spent the day in her grassy enclosure and lounging about in the pool. Hope Edga's story will inspire you not to give up hope this #MoonBearMonday.

This month, staff at Animals Asia’s Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre are all smiles, but just nine months ago it was a different story as hopes for a healthy future for moon bear Edga took a dive.

Many animals live in similar social structures to ourselves. They require the social bonds that we have, and they need these relationships in order to live a happy life. This is no different to you and me. We don't want to live isolated lives, we require people around us, we build and maintain relationships which are essential to our happiness - and many animals are no different.

Animals Asia article on Animal Welfare. Moon bear Pippin and her best pal Brownyn at CBRC, 2012

Thank Veterinarian for Healing Blinded, Abused Bears - ForceChange

this grizzly mamma ADORES her baby! look at that face, just lit up at the wonder of it all!

Proud Mama - This big brownbear mama had to care for the teddybear and it looked like a peck of trouble © Copyright by Klaus Kreuzer - all rights reserved

Let it rain....let it rain.

Chipmunk uses flower as umbrella. Belts out: "Singing in the rain. I'm sunging on the rain.