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Tom savini's special effects works in the original "Day of the dead"  The famous Dr.Tongue.

Tom Savini's special effects work in the original "Day of the Dead" - the famous Dr.

Halloween by rob zombie

Rob Zombie's Halloween Love this version, Rob Zombie is a real master of horror amongst others

An American Werewolf in London -Camera begins to pull back slowly, straight up - the song "Moon Shadow" by Cat Stevens begins. Once we are high enough to see the entire moon, the main title is superimposed - Full film script (dailyscript.com, 2012)

An American Werewolf in London - By far one of the most entertaining werewolf films. A good story, good actors, and great makeup (see pic) make this a must see.

Sludge Zombie (Return of the living dead)

"Return of the Living Dead" Funniest of the Zom-Com movies. And the first that zombies acquired a taste for braiiiins.

Gary Oldman Dracula Costume | Gary Oldman in una scena del film Dracula di Bram Stoker (1992 ...

I like the film adaptations costume design and while I want to keep it to the classical look, I also want to have two significant looks between the old Dracula and then the younger Dracula.

day of the dead movie - Google Search

DAY OF THE DEAD meet Bud, everyone's favorite Zombie. Rick and Daryl could totally hang with this Walker and maybe have a few laughs.