Big Hero 6 Concept ArtConcept Arts and Character designs from Disney’s Big Hero Walt Disney Animation Studios animated film, Big Hero 6 which is inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero.

Hiro>he actually looks taller than 5 feet in this picture...but we know that'd be a lie XD

I'm gonna RP Hiro again, but GoGo is very common. By the way, I decided to have Marissa put to death but Annabelle stays evil and we have to defeat her to get her on our side again.

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Wasabi concept art by Shiyoon Kim, Jin Kim, Lorelay Bove, and Kevin Nelson (Art of Big Hero # man character black rasta kimono fight fighting weapon sword saber strong expression beard

Tadashi's a super cool character; at first I was sad that we didn't get to explore his character very much, but then I realized that we discovered it throughout much of Hiro's discoveries and Hiro's determination to do something about the mask guy.

Tadashi Hamada

It's Tadashi from Big Hero Such a cute movie! It's times like these I wish I was a cartoon character so Tadashi and I could hang out.

Día de Draven 2016 | League of Legends

Ain't no party like a Draven Day party cause a Draven Day party don't stop.