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drachenengel: “ :-) ”

drachenengel: “ :-) ” image description: photograph of a white poster with black printed letters that read ‘embrace your shyness! cry in public! Have big big feelings! Be a mess!

If only you could read my mind you'd be in tears

ebriosity: “ - journal // “Strange words, stranger thoughts” I’m not always what I say out loud. IG: elesq (Please don’t remove the caption) ”

I can’t stop watching this

Get your meme on!

I wanna contribute to the chaos, I don't wanna watch and then complain 'Cause I am through finding blame. That is the decision that I have made

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Rumi quotes about life and love, as we find our true purpose. Rumi's poetry speaks directly to our soul with his beautiful quotes. Live and love!