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Side view

Dan and Kyle - Bastille

I was lucky enough to be able to see this lovely dork tonight...

LOVE their song Laura Palmer inspired by Twin Peaks. (You can buy this shirt on RedBuble)

Me looking at a photo of the Of The Night vinyl.

Some day kids will dress up and you will be able to buy Dan Smith wigs from the Wal-Mart!

Ohh maaa gawdddd

grey-clouds-of-oblivion: “ simmonskitttens: “ daaaaaanxsmith: “ “ “I must be hideously ugly” - Dan Smith ” ” the interviewer “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” ” If Dan Smith is ugly, then I don’t even want to think.

When someone tells me they don't like Bastille then still want to be my friend

When someone claims that Bastille's a bad band but they've only ever heard Pompeii

pretty, pretty, pretty.

<--- there is no reasonable excuse for him to be this fucking pretty.