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moth. photo by isaac oster, thailand

This photo from the TrekNature travel gallery is titled 'Moth Photo'.

Eublemma-purpurina-2.jpg (554×493)

Eublemma-purpurina the Beautiful Marbled, is a species of moth of the Erebidae family. It is found from North Africa through the Iberian Peninsula and southern France east to Romania, southern Russia, southern Turkey up to western central Asia.


Pantheroides pardalis (family Geometridae) - Moth from South America. Photo by Sergio Moscato

The week in wildlife – in pictures

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Credit: Butterfly Conservation/PA A crimson speckled moth. The recent heatwave has seen hundreds of rare moths arriving in the UK, in what experts are describing as the best migration for the insects in years

Elephant Hawk Moth, wingspan of to in., spectacularly colored, seeming to shimmer with green and red when in motion.

Geometer Moth, Pityeja species,  (histrionaria?) Geometridae by gailhampshire, via Flickr

Geometer Moth, Pityeja species, (histrionaria?) Geometridae by gailhampshire, via Flickr

Painted tiger moth by cotinis, via Flickr

Painted Tiger Moth (Arachnis picta) is a North American moth which can be found in the United States. Arachnis picta has white forewings transected by gray bands outlined in black, and crimson .

rhamphotheca:  Испанский моль (Xanthopastis timais), семейство Noctuidae родной SE Соединенных Штатов Америки, а также Центральной и северной части Южной Америки и Карибского бассейна, но изредка встречаются блуждающие до восточного побережья США фото: Ричард Крук/Flickr

Spanish Moth (Xanthopastis timais), family Noctuidae, native to the SE United States, as well as Central and northern South America and the Caribbean, but occasionally found wandering up the East Coast of the U.