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cheese tray - fruit not that great but cheese and crackers cool

Start your dolls parties out with this tasty spread of crackers, assorted cheeses and fruit. All pieces of cheese, each cracker and all fruits are

Could make something like this using things from the Dollar Tree!

For when I have counter space in the bathroom? With coffee beans! PQT: DIY Pretty Makeup Brush Holder - Pretty with Peggy

http://www.besttoywebsites.com/category/board-games/ http://www.toysstoresonline.com/category/baby-toys/ Ecological Wooden Toys

Ecological Wooden Toys

1:6 scale DIY barbie doll house - Google Search

This is a great example of how beautiful DIY doll houses can be. If you have an old cupboard or organizer then you can even transform it into a DIY doll

pictures of houses with stone and brick | we have included below many of the different stone and brick design ...

Stone & Brick Exterior Services in Portland, OR

.Doll house chandelier from fish hook, chain, beads - idea only, no link

The 7 Reasons Why You Need Furniture For Your Barbie Dolls