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Mendel I - Amb. 317.2°  Maltechnik: Lavierte Federzeichnung  Farbauftrag: Schwarze Tinte, blaue, braune und grüne Wasserfarben, Höhung in Deckweiß und Zinnober.  Bildmaße: H 255 x B 196  Datierung: Ab 1425  Folio 11 r sneyder (Schneider)

Folio 11 recto The Schneider directed to a horizontal forming on his lap piece of fabric with a large pair of scissors.

Bread in the Middle Ages, includes some history on medieval bread and a couple of recipes, one Persian

Kings, knights, monks, peasants - everyone in the Middle Ages ate bread. This page includes medieval bread recipes and interesting facts about this food.

Amb. 317.2° Folio 124 recto

Amb. 317.2° Folio 124 recto

Amb. 317.2° Folio 104 verso

Amb. 317.2° Folio 104 verso

Gestiona tus Carnicerías como una sección de Seca | Desde mi atalaya

The manuscript Tacuinum Sanitatis was based on the work “Taqwin al-Sihha” by Ibn Butlan a Christian physician in Baghdad.

Baker pushes pastries, 1425  Die Hausbücher der Nürnberger Zwölfbrüderstiftungen

Zenner, a baker sliding bread into an oven, from Mendel Housebook, c.

1582 Cook Pots, pans, tongs, sausage, broom, apron, kitchen shelf  Die Hausbücher der Nürnberger Zwölfbrüderstiftungen

From: Die Hausbucher der Nurnberger Zwolfbruderstiftungen The chef is in her…

Jorg prew maister. 1437 Hausbücher der Mendelschen Zwölfbrüderstiftung Amb. 317.2° Folio 60 recto (Mendel I)

Jorg Prew Maister (Georg the brewer) stirring in the brew kettle. From the Nürnberger Zwölfbrüderbücher, Mendel I, 1437