Wind Drawings - Mark Nystrom #lines

I know the artist meant to make this look like wind, but i think it looks more like an eyeball! Mark Nystrom "Wind Drawings" These were created by equipping a pen with sails and suspending it over paper. Each drawing represents one day of wind.

Mark Nystrom

Mark Nystrom’s Wind Drawings Inspired by the simple sight of a leaf dancing across snow, American artist Mark Nystrom created his elegant Wind Drawings series in which a pen equipped with sails.

Abstract Pencil Landscape, Pencil Drawing, Abstract Pencil Sketch, Modern Art…

A abstract pencil drawing of an imaginary contemporary landscape. A reproduction of my original abstract sketchbook drawing .

Casual drawings by Mark Nystrom...

workman: “magnolius: Wind Drawings by Mark Nystrom two of Mark Nystrom’s “Wind Drawings” where he constructed a tool to suspend a pen outfitted with sails over paper.