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Bellamy extensions

moonable: “azuhrite: “vanillahs: “flawiest: “pastelscy: “pastelscy ” F L A W I E S T ” s u u h b t l e ” want a promo?

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shez-a-bitch:  I just bought like 5 dresses lolllllllllll. All on sale an soooo gorg! Find yours here!

Loose, messy, French braid, ends left undone. Wisps free from braid, falling forward to frame face and down back.

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From lovely bows and buns to an edgy Mohawk, there will be a two French braid hairstyle for every woman considering to make a lasting appearance. Two braids are

romantic french braid

This one might look complicated at first but it’s pretty simple. Start with a full french braid and then pull some parts of your hair and the loops loose. The end result is a beautiful mess.

awesome The 16 Best Mane Moments From Instagram This Week by http://www.dezdemon-exoticfish.space/fishtail-braids/the-16-best-mane-moments-from-instagram-this-week/

The 16 Best Mane Moments From Instagram This Week

Two is better than one. If you have thicker hair and it’s rather hard to keep it all in a single braid, then you can separate them in the middle and then create two braids. Almost like an upgrade of your kindergarten double braided pigtail

Braided bun.

Just a picture for inspiration but doesn't look tooooo hard: just do a Dutch French braid using the hair a the front of your head. Make a bun with the rest of your hair and wrap the plait around the bun

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Gorgeous hair I'm fairly certain I do not possess the ability to recreate.

5 Beachy Hairstyles for Summer

5 Beachy Hairstyles for Summer

Faith Hope and Love tattoo design by Denise A. Wells - Google my name for more of my unique, girly, pretty tattoo designs and artworks! tattoo-designs-by-denise

Faith-Love-Hope Cross Tattoo Design but change "faith" and "hope" to my kids names.

I wish i could draw this!!! I also want it as a tattoo!!

This first one is for a tattoo design for a friend from work. (I rarely accept commissions for tattoo designs.) And a quick sketch of a.