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Thundercat – Apocalypse – Rezi, Rezension, Review, Besprechung – éclat

Thundercat Apocalypse Tenfold Heartbreaks + Setbacks The Life Aquatic Special Stage Tron Song Seven Oh Sheit It’s X Without You Lotus and the Jondy E

mccartney-for-president-poland:  Joan Jett

I remember wearing bandanas like that in grade I also recall getting my ass kicked by the popular bitches who thought I shouldn't be tryin to copy them. The queen of COOL!

Brother Ali - Mourning in America - YouTube  Wow, very subversive but very true.  Makes me think about how nothing the government says absolves you of your duty to God or your conscience.

ill, conscious hip hop Brother Ali - Mourning in America

Happy (12 pm) My fave Happy Dancer at 12:09 Cool Older Gentleman

Happy pm) My fave Happy Dancer at Cool Older Gentleman

their music takes me back to last summer

Keep calm and listen to the xx ;))) There are some bands you just connect to at a deeper level. This is one of those bands. Love The XX (oh, and oliver sim )

Summer - End Of The Night Chill Out by C.A.L.M. on SoundCloud

Friday Playlist Track Play it loud! Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me by Chris Malinchak by Chris Malinchak, via SoundCloud

Sir Mix A Lot - My Posse's On Broadway **Parental Advisory, Explicit Content**  I love this song!  Everyone always thinks of "I like Big Butts" but this to me is Classic Mix-A-Lot...

Sir Mix A Lot -Posse On Broadway. were yu duin when this song came out?:)"flashbac says it all!

Transfiguração (2006) - Cordel do fogo encantado

Cordel do Fogo Encantado – Transfiguração

Transfiguração (2006) - Cordel do fogo encantado