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Ein Beispiel bei dem Schärpe und gürtel über dem Gehrock getragen werden.

m Ranger Pirate An Islander fleet Captain. Most of the inhabitants of the archipelago are once or future sailors, and they welcome anyone with good sea legs, a head for trade or naval battle skills.

not sure who the artist is, if you know please tell me!  One of the better pics of chainmaille armor I have seen an artist do.  All the layers to this womans clothing is fantastic!

Amariah, an eleven warrior her name means "Light Of Heaven" in Dwarven. Nobody knows she is female, because girls aren't allowed to fight, so she is like a fantasy Joan Of Arc.

Pirates of the caribbean 3 Elizabeth Swan

Elizabeth Swann Costume - Pirates of the Caribbean. Keira Kneightley as Miss Elizabeth Swan

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An attractive woman whose shadow of a previous life as a dockside prostitute still lingers. She dresses extremely provocatively and is particularly forward with

Dungeons and Dreamboats VII: Come for the Art, Stay for the Arguments - Page 2

Western Male Vampire Hunter - No fandom or anything, I just want to see more vamps in the old west.

m Bard lute swords AtLq29EpCSE.jpg (680×1009)

Good news RPG fans! inXile entertainment launches a new Kickstarter campaign to fund The Bard's Tale IV.

Jack Sparrow Costuming - A Pirate's Compendium

Disney is planning to shoot Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 back-to-back. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides stars Johnny Depp.