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L (I know its not B but would look awesome that way)

The fine folks from the Chicago menswear store Apartment Number 9 stopped by during the building of Kara's Yamaha to talk shop and shoot some of the process. Here's a little short film they put together, featured in their newest bulletin.

buttones:i think i need ten

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Bike pimping - get ready for the summer picnics... This is AWESOME...although I don't know how well I would be riding after that sort of picnic :P

Shut up and take my money

15 Original Picnic Ideas for Labor Day. Just love this idea, combines a bike ride and a picnic!

I have a thing for hand tats.

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Skull Toxic Whiskey Face Jug folk art sculpture pottery by Mitchell Grafton

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Gifts for him! Take scotch tasting to the next level: Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses - www.MyWonderList.com

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses

Geometric Cocktail Glasses - Urban Outfitters Drink a Diamond Glass Set is Decorative (GALLERY)

home bar custom hand built rustic whiskey pub man by WhiskeyCartel

Items similar to home bar custom hand built rustic whiskey, pub, man cave, barn Jim Beam Devil's Cut charred barrel theme U-SHIP on Etsy

david beckham

David Beckham Into The Unknown pictures: First look at documentary sees Becks get on his bike - & Mirror Online

Don't Let Your Tongue Get Your Teeth Knocked Out! ~ alex hensley pinned this from guns, bikes, & whiskey

Don't Let Your Tongue Get Your Teeth Knocked Out! ~ u know how I do it don't let yo mouth get yo ass knocked the fuck out I wish a bitch would now