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themagicfarawayttree: “ Study-in-Green Ruud van Empel ”

Ruud Van Empel - Photography & Digital Work - ‘Boy’, 2014

At Palais Doroteum in Vienna, Austria, largest auction house in Central Europe, there will be modern and contemporary art on sale Tuesday

Robins Key - Lovely moss covered trees with purple thistle and yellow butterfly, pink wildflowers. Such a peaceful, COOL looking woodlands scene! RESEARCH #DdO:) - https://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/flowers-beyond-expected/ - FLOWERS BEYOND EXPECTED. Photo uncredited on most #Pinterest boards- I always try to give credit- is by Ruud van Empel who " creates digitally enhanced photographs with a dream-like quality. His idyllic scenes of children in lush tropical settings evoke a modern…

Dutch artist Ruud van Empel photography, digitally manipulated with Photoshop. Children, leaves, plants and nature in a lush tropical Rousseau dream world.

*Magical Forest (by viarenicholga)

Photograph Fairy of forest by Olga Viarenich - lovely mushrooms and a large moth/butterfly

Autumn Art.Kind of sad, like dying.

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy dramatic black and white photography - botanical friends

Untitled #3

Ruud Van Empel - Dutch photographer Ruud Van Empel blends subject and background in a combination of collage, photography, and photo editing.