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Charcoal Drawings and Sketches7

40 Mind Blowing Charcoal Drawings and Sketches

Charcoal painting is from century. Charcoal drawing and sketches are usually made by pencil. They are in black color and so seem like made from charcoal.

In Norse mythology, Nótt (Old Norse "night") is night personified, grandmother of Thor.  In stanza 30 of the poem Alvíssmál, Thor asks the dwarf Alvíss to tell him what night is called in each of the nine worlds, whom "Nórr" birthed. Alvíss responds that night is referred as "night" by mankind, "darkness" by the gods, "the masker by the mighty Powers", "unlight" by the jötunn, "joy-of-sleep" by the elves, while dwarves call her "dream-Njörun" (meaning "dream-goddess").

In Norse mythology, Nótt is night personified, grandmother of Thor. (Art: A Posing Soldier by Janni Nielsen)


10 Hyper Realistic Drawings

and do not know where the picture and where the picture and how to draw realistic pencil portraits

East of Eden Sanghyeok Bang20

East of Eden: El fascinante trabajo de Sanghyeok Bang

East of Eden Sanghyeok

White on black drawing

Drawing on black paper is fun if you have the right tool for it. This Estonian Artist, Marilyn, definitely knows his tool. Marilyn, worked on the black paper with a white pencil, where he sketched out.

Lilija by Ilojleen

ilojleenart: “Lilija "Lilija" means "a lily" in old Polish. I rarely draw flowers, so I’m glad that the lily turned out well :) Koh-I-Noor pencils time: dA

grey eyes: let's face it, I want them

lainyart: Day 329 of my 366 Drawing Project by *secrets-of-the-pen Ah, yes. Nothing quite like drawing eye close ups.^Created with charcoal and chalk in about 2 hours.