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Achtung Handys

Children Texting A cartoon with kids walking around texting by a road sign that says, "Slow Children Texting".

An 11"x17" print of Groot from the movie "Guardians for the Galaxy"   Now with 100% more flower crowns!

WE ARE GROOT. OMG did u guys see the baby GROOT dancing at the end of GOTG? My sister had 14 heart attacks, she loved it so much!


You don't look like a gangsta, you look like Dick Van Dyke dancing with penguins. Except Dick Van Dyke can still look awesome doing so.

I remember when, do you ;-)

Family Circus: When Grandma was young she had to walk all the way to the TV to change the channels ;

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I bet Tech support would like to say this more often to callers than they're allowed.

Illustration of a Spinosaurus aegypticus by Wm. Stout, from the book The New Dinosaurs. A spinosaurian theropod saurischian carnivore; 40-45 ft. (12-14 m); 4-5 tons, Late Cretaceous; Egypt, northern Africa; floodplains, riverbanks

This Spinosaurus by William Stout is obviously obsolete, with its pronated hands and hind legs that are to long, but the detailed rendering of both the dinosaur and its jungle habitat is exquisite.

Royal Canadian Cyber Intelligence Service

Madge figured if her upper arm was gonna flap, she might as well make patriotic use of it - tattoo humor

Bottomliners on GoComics.com #humor #comics #technology

The unfortunate truth with computers is that things can sometimes go wrong. Even the most vigilant computer user with l.