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Große Tümmler: Bei einer Fahrt im Unesco-geschützen Meeresnaturpark Iroise, zu dem auch die Insel Ouessant gehört, zeigen sich die großen Meeressäuger verspielt.

Ouessant in der Bretagne: Delfin- und Leuchtturm-Hopping

Polar bear "Look what they left me to seat on !"

HELP SAVE THE POLAR BEARS! The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming and they are dying at a rapid rate! Help save them and do your part!

Polar bear, polar bear what do you see?

"Incredibly intelligent animals, young polar bears learn quickly through their inquisitive nature. This cub was intrigued by its reflection and was studying it with great interest,” photographer Florian Schulz.

Woooo Hoooo... Have a Fun Weekend!!!

Polar Bear cub playing - so cute!

Polar bears North Pole with moon

Polar Bears share moment with the moon.

<3 Polar bears

@ Arctic Sunset [polar bear mother and cub]

Tuck your head...no splash

Baby Polar Bear Dive Mom,'s like "I told you no!

"Now son, -IF- we could fly, this is what we would have to do. But we cant, so we will pretend......

Baby Penguin Chick: "Mom ~ these wings of ours ~ can we actually fly with them?

Looks like he is falling! I don't see any ice burgs for him to climb onto! :/ Keep huffing big guy

Polar Bear dive in giant water thing

Tigers are awesome in the old sense of the word.

36 Excellent Examples Of Digital Wildlife Photography

A white tiger going after a piece of meat underwater - Photography by Eldad Hagar !