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psychedelic-sixties:  Carnaby ST.

style has swung back around at and it’s all about meets mod meets for the new season. It’s time to stock up on mini skirts, and as the new season goes

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, ‘Wittgenstein at the Cinema Admires Betty Grable’, 1965

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi ‘Wittgenstein at the Cinema Admires Betty Grable’, 1965 © The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi ‘Calcium Night Light’, 1974–6 © The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation

transistoradio: Eduardo Paolozzi Calcium Night Light screenprint on paper, from “Calcium Light Night.” Collection of Tate, UK. Via Tate.

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 43. Yours Till the Boys Come Home 1972 © The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation

Artwork page for Yours Till the Boys Come Home’, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 1972

1969 War Protest  Our era and we listened to a daily body count of killed and injured on the nightly news during Vietnam Nam.  K.W.  We became I desensitized to death!!!

These protesters are protesting their law makers, but this scene there are multiple peace signs that speak for group idea of being tree loving people who disprove of Richard tearing down the land

Edward Carvalho Monaghan

Edward Carvalho Monaghan's Psychedelic Comics

There's an interesting balance in Edward Carvalho Monaghan's trippy comics. The loud, psychedelic colours and masses of patterns are perfectly paired with the simplicity of his grid-like layouts an.