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Marvel just announced Robert Downey Jr signed to reprise the role of Tony Stark / Iron Man in ’The Avengers and ’The Avengers We react with GIFS.

RDJ is awesome. The fact he googles himself and posts these/tumblr/who knows....I love it. (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post893365&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)

Is Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark, or is Tony Stark playing Robert Downey Jr.

Funny tumblr post

Poor man lost his precious vegetables, and to a stranger no less

Puffer fish are the Bruce Banner of the sea

Puffer fish are the Bruce Banner of the sea<<going to the marvel board for that XD

Right away, great captain!

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This Captain America meets Spongebob just makes me lose it. So funny.

Mu-ahahaha!   @Christina Childress & Zdunowski hahah

Picdump 05.04.2013

How cowlicks happen! There must be a lot of cows in Kaiden's room at night! That boy wakes up with the worst bed head. Esp his 'cowlick'

another reason Bush was better... Lol!  This was just too funny!!

The president throwing a ball…

Some presidents throw like real men, some can't and throw like a princess.----and maybe you should stop judging people based on how they throw a freAKING BASEBALL?

da back a ya head is riddikulus

The MadTV "Can I have yo number?" skit applied to Harry Potter. Because everything can be applied to Harry Potter.

Look at these nerds #Avengers #Marvel http://www.superherostuff.com/marvel-avengers-merchandise.html

(Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo as Tony Stark/Ironman and Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers)