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Lorne Greene on Bonanza set

Lorne Greene Feb 12th 1915-Sept 11th 1987 Died of Pneumonia

Lorne Greene - Bonanza

Feb Lorne Greene is born. Lorne Greene, the actor who played Ben Cartwright on the immensely popular television Western Bonanza, is born in Ontario, Canada. An only child, Greene later said.

Lorne Greene - Bene "Pa" Cartwright on Bonanza

Lorne Greene - Ben "Pa" Cartwright on Bonanza & A Canadian TV Pioneer

My parents watched this every week! The Cartwrights (from left): Dan Blocker as 'Hoss', Michael Landon as 'Little Joe', Lorne Greene as 'Ben'   Pernell Roberts as 'Adam' in Bonanza (1959-73, NBC)

"Bonanza" TV western ~ the Cartwrights (from left): Dan Blocker as Hoss, Michael Landon as Little Joe, Lorne Greene as Ben, and Pernell Roberts as Adam

Lorne Greene (02/12/1915 - 09/11/1987) born Lyon Himan Green in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was a Canadian actor and musician. His television role included Ben Cartwright on the western, "Bonanza". Cause of death, pneumonia following heart surgery.

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Dan Blocker as 'Eric "Hoss" Cartwright', Lorne Greene as 'Ben Cartwright' & Michael Landon as 'Joseph "Little Joe" Cartwright' in Bonanza (1959-73, NBC)

September The television premiere of “Bonanza” ~ Dan Blocker (Eric “Hoss” Cartwright), Lorne Greene (Ben Cartwright) and Michael Landon (Joseph “Little Joe” Cartwright)

"Bonanza" a 1960s Western TV Show...Did you Know Ben Cartwright had Grandchildren?

Bonanza: A 1960's Western TV Show

Lorne Greene's Grave (photo)  Hillside Cemetery , Clover City , Ca.

Lorne Greene's Grave (photo) Hillside Cemetery , Clover City , Ca. - Ben Cartright on Bonanza