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Persimmon jack o lanterns

Persimmon jack o lanterns

Carve a little fun into snack time. Open-face bologna-and-cheese sandwiches are easier to carve than a pumpkin. Use small cookie cutters to cut jack-o'-lantern features into cheese slices. Remove crusts from bread slices, and trim bologna slices to fit the bread. Layer the cheese face on top, and complete the pumpkin with a bread-crust stem and basil leaf./

Mummy-Approved Halloween Treats

Check out these awesome and creative school lunch ideas. Your kids will love it!

Spoiler: It means you get to add a whole bunch of chocolate chips. Get the recipe from The Wilson World.

19 Scary-Simple Halloween Breakfasts

Jack-O-Lantern Waffles ~ To make these smiling waffles, all you need is a waffle mix of you choice, orange food coloring, and mini chocolate chips. Aaaand I need a waffle maker :(

Jack-o’-Lantern Pizza Recipe

Jack-o'-Lantern Pizza

Jack-o’-Lantern Pizza Recipe from Betty Crocker


Halloween Party Favor Printables and Tips To Throw a Halloween Party

Kid's Halloween Party Food: Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

Todos siempre tenemos esta expresión.  El evitarla es cuestión tuya.

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30 Creative Ideas For Food Presentation

Looking for an easy, clever Halloween dinner idea? These individual tentacle pot pies aren't just spooky, their spectacular. A perfect party eat!

Mashy Ghost

Mashy Ghost

Little Food Junction

Little Food Junction: Christmas time !! | Find the instructions for making Santa and Rudolph at http://www.littlefoodjunction.com/

Xmas crackers - great snacks for Christmas - Santa and reindeer!