Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona, USA. I love this place. I've been right in that spot and it's beautiful.

Beautiful stream Matt Hofman Cathedral Rock - Sedona, AZ The most photographed and famous rock formation in Sedona. Here's my take on a beautiful location.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona; photo by Guy Schmickle

On Pins and Needles by Guy Schmickle Cathedral Rock reflects in a rainwater pool at sunset - Sedona, Arizona.

Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona. I had the best time in Sedona !!!!

Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona. I had the best time in Sedona ! I want a house in Sedona.

Coffeepot Rock, Sedona Arizona

Visible from all over Sedona, Coffee Pot Rock mimics a percolator style pot, complete with spout. The base of Coffee Pot Rock is deep Sedona red.

Sweet Sedona - HDR. I did a sunrise hike to this monument on my birthday this year. Sacred Space

photo by Ferrell McCollough, Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing is a wonderful place to picnic or sun on the warm rocks, next to little pools of the creek.


RED ROCKS OF SEDONA, USA The breathtaking Red Rocks of Sedona are a group of several limestone rock formations located near the city of Sedona in Arizona, United States.

'Sunset Sky Over Sedona' looking down at Cathedral Rock from Upper Red Rock Loop Road, 13 June 2010 by Guy Schmickle on Flickr.

"Sunset in Cathedral Rock, Coconino National Forest, Sedona, Arizona" love this picture!

Courthouse Rock, Sedona, Arizona...been here on a sunset tour, it's awesome!

Courthouse Rock, Sedona, Arizona, USA // Photo by Jeffrey Campbell on Fine Art America

Cathedral Rock  on the Sedona, Arizona  via flickr

Cathedral Rock on the Sedona, Arizona Hiked the rocks of Red Rock Nat. Park in Sedona, AZ

Sedona--beauty--red rocks--light--inspiration

Of all the places traveled, there is something most special about Sedona! /A beautiful picture EL.