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Forget bitter Starbucks. Costa Coffee UK is simply the best: nice and strong with no hint of burnt. AND last time I was there I found out one reason why it tastes so creamy and good-- unless otherwise requested, they use 4% milk! Yummmm!

As a Starbucks gold card member I was ruined for life after drinking Costa. Beats Starbucks hands down.

Coffee= caffe = kahve, same smell different coffee :)

Our ganoderma 2 in 1 black coffee combines the great taste you have come to expect from a high end coffee beverage!

Coffee and love

Coffee Quotes and Sayings: Men are like coffee, they’re strong, warm and keep you up all night! Decaffinated coffee is just useless brown water.

There is no x in Espresso

Biggest pet peeve working at a coffee shop! It's eSpresso not eXpresso!

comtesse-du-chocolat:  (source: pinterest.com)

The Health Effects Of Drinking Coffee Daily. Enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee the first thing in the morning is enjoyed by thousands of people every day.

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Good thing Im a smart person who loves and drinks coffee!The medical benefits of being addicted to coffee on alzheimer's disease-- I love infographics I love when infographics make me feel better about my addiction.

best free fine art coffee images | Some cool close-ups of milk drops falling into coffee .

Milk meets coffee