He looks someone insulted his nose and Olafs thinking 'what did you just say!

day 7: Olaf. without a doubt! he's so funny and caring. He is also a better love expert than the trolls. and likes warm hugs!

10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Disney's Frozen

Imágenes de Frozen | Todo Peques

Here is the teaser trailer for Disney's upcoming animated film Frozen. A snowman loses its nose in the opening.

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All the times anna asked elsa if she wanted to build a snowman and thats exactly what she did the first chance she got. Not just any snowman, either.their snowman.

‘Frozen’ Segment Added to ‘Celebrate the Magic’ at Magic Kingdom Park

I love baby Anna and Elsa.i just had to do this one after seeing a wonderful book illustrated by the talented Brittney Lee that inspired me so much! Frozen - A Special Bond

Super overdone edit, but I was super bored last night so here it is! || Lyrics from Let Her Go. :)

only miss the sun when it starts to snow<<<< only hate the road when your missin' home

Paused moment: IN SUMMER!!! Someone Caption this please!

Paused moment: IN SUMMER!!! Someone Caption this please!

Elsa Frozen Art

Elsa Frozen Art

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Exclusive DIsney's Frozen wallpaper HD featuring Olaf the snowman chasing his head that had just fallen off :) Frozen wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy and iPad among more!