Handcrafted Turquoise Crystal Dreamcatcher Industrial Barbell, MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS | Body Candy Body Jewelry #BodyCandy

Handcrafted Teal Dreamcatcher Barbell Created with Swarovski Crystals

Product Details Dreamcatcher helix barbell with dangling feather and created with Swarovski crystals. Project bars work for


i wish i was in new jersey so i could get pierced by this guy! Fresh 4 point custom industrial piercing with light blue titanium barbells, champagne cz center gem, white opal gems on the outside and arctic blue cz dangling gems.

XjoeX - Custom Bent Industrial DaithPlacement: ArmComments: **Blue colored jewelry is to indicate which piercing I performed

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Dangle dream catcher on a surgical steel industrial barbell bar. The barbell is a standard 14 gauge hypoallergenic surgical steel ear piercing