Sword Art Online SAO clear file folder official Japan Kirito / Kirigaya Kazuto , Asuna / Yuuki Asuna , Lisbeth / Shinozaki Rika

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Sword Art Online whoa just realized Kirito has so many girls to choose from. ^-^ ^ASUNA FTW also yui is his daughter so thats a little awkward lolol

Legit. #swordartonline

When you don't know how to act like a girl so you just start copying your gf (>y<)😂

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Re: [Anime] Sword Art Online hello foxxie, talking about NTR, you better check your closest friend, heheeheh~~ (you do know that im trolling right)

I love Yui on this!!!! SHE IS JUST SO KAWAII!!!X3

In Sword Art Online II Episode we continue with the ALfheim Online adventures as Kirito and gang continue on their quest for Excalibur.

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