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Holiday Decorating Tips

Use picnic tablecloth clips to attach lights. Try using plastic picnic tablecloth clips to attach Christmas lights to your deck railing. It makes putting them up and taking them down a cinch! I would just use white lights & keep them up all year

DIY ~ Spray painted white branches, a tall vase and some red ornaments ~ simple & beautiful

Twig Garland Would you pay money for sticks? Sticks are very trendy in decor including Christmas decor, but I know where to get them for free!

BEAUtiful mess.: Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - Burlap Banner

Christmas Living Room-- White fireplace mantle, burlap banner, simple Christmas tree, and candles.

Card Garland—Nice enhancement to clothespins when using for decor. Save scraps of holiday gift wrap/Christmas craft paper—use glue stick—coat one side of clothespin—press firmly onto paper—use craft knife to trim around clothespin—repeat on other side—clip to length of ribbon—hang on banister, above mantel, or entryway—pin cards on ribbon.

Easy Christmas Crafts

Nice Christmas decorating ideas for the staircase featuring Christmas cards hanging from lovely banister garland.

Glittery twigs for a wedding. I like the idea, but i would hate dealing with them. You'd have glitter stuck to you til you had a kid!

sparkle spray painted branches and put in a vase- cheap and beautiful. great for the winter season sparkle spray painted branches and put in a vase- cheap and beautiful.

apartment patio decorating ideas | christmas decorating ideas for apartment balconies decorating how to ...

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

For attaching light strings to areas like balcony or porch railings, plastic zip ties work well. Zip ties are strong, weather resistant, adjustable and easy to remove.

Decorating Ideas For Christmas That Are Cheap, Easy, and Charming! Easy Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Make Decorations for Christmas Like a Pro!

Decorating ideas for Christmas - Here is a cheap Christmas decorating idea! Made this for under twenty dollars! gettin-my-diy-on

fresh cranberries in water-it looked so nice!

Cranberries & Candles in A Vase of Water. Select the vase filler or berries in a color that is holiday appropriate

tomato cage for base, wrap with lights and sticks!

DIY Stick Tree ~ using a tomato cage, sticks and lights. Would be more rustic looking and blend better outdoors. i'm thinking christmas tree on porch.

Christmas decorations #Welcom Christmas Design

Using branches w/ lights by the front door for Christmas time – beautiful! Using branches w/ lights by the front door for Christmas time – beautiful!

This guy is a genius! This is the easiest way I have ever seen to hang Christmas lights and it's cheap

The Crevier Christmas Light System, where lights are attached to custom-cut PVC pipes with plastic zip ties. The pipes are then clipped onto the house with standard broomstick clips.