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Most Spectacular Active Volcano Photos in The World: Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

Lava meets ocean water after Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii. Photo by: Alain Barbezat

Le Monde, Fr Image du jour - Rencontre d'une coulée de lave et d'une vague, Hawaï. crédit photo : CJ Kale  Imagen del día - reunión de un flujo de lava y una ola, Hawaii. crédito: CJ Kale (Traducido por Bing)

Lava Tube from the Surf - Big Island, Hawaii CJ Kale Back to the Big Island! Recently we featured a close up of fresh lava HERE. Now we are bringing you a first from CJ Kale and his surf lava images. He and Nick Selway braved

Niagara Falls frozen solid in the winter of 1911.

Niagra Falls Frozen Solid in 1911 photo via ellishouse. We have photo of the Falls in Winter when they were frozen over too.


View of an eruption column from Chaitén Volcano. Mother Nature shows how mighty she truly is - sheer power

The volcanic eruptions

Lightning Meets Lava in These Incredible Images by Nature Photographer Hernando Rivera

On April 12 2011, in Mapleton, IA –  a tornado wiped the town off the map!

Easy science about the weather for homeschooling families. Science for kids pre-K about the weather. Free science enrichment resource all about the weather for your young children.

The Tunguska event,  june 30, 1908

Don Davis artwork of the Tunguska blast. This is probably pretty accurate, which is terrifying. The Most Powerful Weather Phenomenon You've Never Heard Of: The Microburst ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD

Lava Bleed   ~ by Bruce Omori

Lava Bleed - Fresh pahoehoe oozes from beneath the fractured crust of the leading edge of a flow, consuming all in its path. Photography by Bruce Omori

Surtsey , Volcanic Eruption , South Coast Iceland 1963 stock photo

Buy or license direct from the photographer this stunning image of : Surtsey , Volcanic Eruption , South Coast Iceland 1963

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Jade Iceberg, Antarctica. When seawater at depths of more than 1,200 feet freezes to the underside of massive ice shelves, it forms ‘marine ice.’ .. When one of these icebergs overturns, its jade underside is revealed. The wondrous color of this ‘marine ice’ results from organic matter dissolved in the seawater at those great depths. Green icebergs are infrequently seen because their verdant bellies are underwater;... Photo credit: Dr. Steve Nicol More on my Blogspot

Marine ice - Jade and striped icebergs form when seawater freezes to the underside of massive ice shelves. When chunks of ice break off from the ice shelf and overturn, the jade underside is revealed.

Tornado sucks up rainbow.

Tornado sucks up a rainbow. Probably a once in a lifetime pic INSPO/amazing/Only God could create such Beauty/