Las perturbadoras y provocadoras esculturas del artista coreano Choi Xooang.

Choi Xooang

The Blind for The Blind: Choi Xooang. Listener The Korean artist explores the inner struggles of ordinary people and his works reflect how we linger between being subject or object, dominant or submissive, alone or together


Damien Hirst – Beautiful Inside My Head Forever – Anatomy of an Angel Poster

Las perturbadoras esculturas en forma de pieles desparramadas del artista italiano Francesco Albano. Artnau

Francesco Albano

Francesco Albano’s human grotesque body sculptures drip, melt, hang, and often appear to be boneless

Chen Wenling

Sculpture By Chen Wenling. This sculpture “What You See Might Not Be Real” is made by Chinese artist Chen Wenling. It depicts the Ponzi schemer (Bernard Madoff) as bull, devil who has sentenced to 150 yeas in prison. The bull that looks strong and is .

Área Visual: Xia XiaoWan. Pinturas en 3D

Xia Xiao Wan creates a 3 dimensional work by layering glass panels of one painting on top of another.

A selection of Sculptures  by Philip Jackson (Scottish b.1944- )♥♥

Philip Jackson - Winner of National Peace Sculpture Competition / Manchester City Council, 1987