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LangweileDich.net – Bilderparade CCCLI - Bild 24

Funny pictures about Ultra-Realistic Tattoo Art. Oh, and cool pics about Ultra-Realistic Tattoo Art. Also, Ultra-Realistic Tattoo Art photos.


work by Thomas Hooper at Saved Tattoo. ink, tattoo, intricate design, pattern, black and white


35 Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoo Art Designs

60 of the Most Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You'll Ever See - Joyenergizer

60 of the Most Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You’ll Ever See

These tattoos are something special: Because of the effect we are given perfect optical illusion. Clearly true artists created these. Enjoy this wonderful sight of perfection! My personal favourite is the butterflies, they look so real.

Look at this! It's not a tattoo! It's a stone sculpture! If anyone can ID the artist,  please let me know.

In the world of tattoos what tends to attract the attention of most is the ancient Aztec art form. Aztec tattoos for men features everything from humans to nature, with rattlesnakes tending to be the…


Awesome full back! - Black and Grey Realism - Elderly man smoking a pipe tattoo - Artist: Victor Portugal

Some really awesome looking 3D tattoos out there.

3D Tattoo Art

Arm muscle tattoo by street anatomy. Would this count as cheating on anatomy test?