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Okay it seems a bit excessive, but in a way this is pretty cool.  So this guy makes these glass shells for hermit crabs to live in.  An oddity, but a cool oddity.

Designer Robert DuGrenier Makes Hand-Blown Glass Shells for Hermit Crabs

Are your hermit crabs looking for new digs? Consider these beautiful works of art: Artist/designer Robert DuGrenier creates exquisite hand-blown glass shells for hermit crabs from his Vermont workshop.

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I wish to begin this article by explaining this is a long article. I put a lot of time and research into this article so I surely hope you enjoy. The Difference between a Wolf and a Dog - The Hybrid Wolf - Are dogs and Wolfs the Same Before you.

Beautiful Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Groenendael, a dog that is included in the Belgian Shepherd breed. In the United States it is generally recognized under the name Belgian Sheepdog