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Bridging Key Codes of Love Into Earth, Unification into One, The True Purpose Of Running and Separation - It's All Here In This Brand New Infographic.

The Twin Flame Stages - "1) Recognition/Awakening 2) Ascension Begins 3) Learning and Evolving Together 4) Mirroring/Running/Chasing 5) Vibrational Alignment 6) Twin Flame Union Process Begins 7) Twin Flame Union"

The Twin Flame Stages - Recognition/Awakening Ascension Begins Learning and Evolving Together Mirroring/Running/Chasing Vibrational Alignment Twin Flame Union Process Begins Twin Flame Union"

The most thorough twin flame quiz! Do you think you met your twin flame or  twin soul but aren't sure? How do you know if they are soulmate or a twin  flame? Get some answers and clear up the confusion with our twin flame  quiz. Over 20 questions for an in depth analysis.

Twin Flame Quiz

is he my twin flame? Are they your twin flame? What are the signs of twin flame? What's the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?


Notice what it says about not confusing this with abusive relationship complexes?

Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover By Jeff and Shaleia

Well we need one adult in the lightworkers lounge! since everyone else is fighting over the same toy I guess I'll step up.

Runner Twin Flames...Something you may not have considered - "Some are keeping their distance because they know that YOU need space to heal and grow too... Many don't want to "burden" their twin flame with their problems and some feel that they don't want their chaser twin flame to constantly give and give when the runner knows they aren't in a place to reciprocate the giving... Loving without conditions is the true test."

Runner Twin Flames : Something you may not have considered about why they run from the connection