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Twice Tzuyu 161204 《Yeouido Fansign Event》 ♡✌Peace✌♡ ★She's so cute like a 5 years old kid★ © Pabooppa __

twice ♡ dahyun

One day I wrote a long, long letter to the moon It would not be brighter than you But I lighted a small candle

Momo  #momo #twice #kpop

Omg, I LOVE Momo! She's so cute and beautiful and a wonderful dancer! I finally watched Sixteen and it was great and I actually finally got to learn Twice's names! But I love Momo!

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{closed: Avila} I swear I've past that statue like five times in the past three minutes. I look down at my map. Ooh, that's probably why.