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Diego Zapatero (Spain): "The Panji Performance: Portraits Of A Thousand Years"

Diego Zapatero reconstructed the set of characters, costumes and poses of the ancient Panji performance, true to the old style of portrait photography.

Benoit Paillé

New Portraits by Benoit Paillé

Fotografia natural de Lucas Pierro

Shockingly Awesome Self Portrait Photography by Luca Pierro. In 2009 he won second prize in the photography competition held by Ichnusa on Sardinia. In 2010 he won first prize at MostraMi in Milan. He currently lives and works in Cagliari.

Lavinia Parlamenti and Manfredi Pantanella: "Going Round In Circles"

Lavinia Parlamenti "Going Round In Circles" - Top Photography Films


Portrait/Self Portrait - Mary Britton Clouse 2005 A long time animal advocate and artist, Mary Britton Clouse and her husband Albert Clouse run a Minneapolis animal sanctuary, Chicken Run Rescue . Come on, this is a terrific photo

Peter Kayfas (USA): "Urban Culture In Mexico City"

Talk with Peter Kayafas about his visual study of urban culture in Mexico City and why Latin America is especially fertile ground for street photographers.

William Zuback (USA): "Nude Portraits"

William Zuback talks about his approach to taking nude portraits and reveals why it's often not the naked body that catches the attention of the observer.

Aji Susanto Anom (Indonesia): "Learn To See The Unseen"

(Indonesia) from ‘Poison ’ ph.book - The Interpretation of Sex and Death, 2014

25 Creative and Attractive Photography examples by Iain Crawford. Follow us www.pinterest.com/webneel

25 Creative Advertising Photography retouching ideas by Iain Crawford

Advertising Photography : Iain Crawford is a Fashion and Beauty industry photographer based in London. His Photographs are colorful, creative and modern.

Giacomo Brunelli; Gelatin Silver Process, 2012, Photography "Untitled (Self-Portrait #03)"

Gelatin Silver Process, Photography Untitled (Self-Portrait Selected by Powers McDonald