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Oleg Koval (Ukraine): New Story For The Place

In his project "New Story For The Place" Oleg Koval is focussing on daily life, observing and looking around with hope to find something usual or unusual.

Ian Brumpton (UK): "Non-Confrontational Street Photography"

English street photographer Ian Brumpton shoots mostly in black and white and advocates a respectful style of non-confrontational street photography.

woods in red [my pinhole cameras series #9]

woods in red [my pinhole cameras series

Virginie Noel (Belgium): "On The Edges Of Society"

Fascinated by human emotions Belgium photographer Virginie Noel uses photography as a tool to visually explore the edges of society.

Kaki Sorvisto | 500px   Love love love... - Wedding portrait picture in Lapland

- Pinned by Mak Khalaf Wedding portrait picture in Lapland Wedding by JaakkoSorvisto

Stan Douglas | Disco Angola | Exhibitions | Victoria Miro

“A Luta Continua, a photograph by Stan Douglas (Disco Angola at David Zwirner, opened yesterday)

Bogdan Radenkovic (Serbia): Manufactured Landscapes

In this interview he talks about one of his latest projects called "Manufactured Landscapes" and explains what he means by the term 'camera brain'.

Angela Easterling

Angela Easterling

Dimitris Makrygiannakis (Sweden): "Day Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open"

Talk with award-winning street photographer Dimitris Makrygiannakis about his passion for shooting in the streets and how it all started with a broken leg.

Visual artist Jeanne Wells cherishes traditional photographic processes. In this interview she explains her way of creating "lyric photographs".

In this interview she explains her way of creating "lyric…

Akkara Naktamna (Thailand): Humorous Street Photography

Akkara Naktamna talking about his humorous street photography approach focussing on ordinary things we often choose to overlook.

Image result for gum bichromate

Image result for gum bichromate

Le Light Painting a été créé par le photographe Man Ray, en 1937. Par la suite Pablo Picasso et le photographe Gjon Mili ont réalisé en 1949 une série de photographie.    Aujourd’hui, le light painting est souvent associé au Street Art grâce notamment à des artistes comme MARKO93

Light Art Performance Photography or LAPP-PRO is a duo from Bremen, Germany. LAPP consists of a JanLeonardo Wallert and Jorg Miedza, who specialize in beautiful performance photography.