Infinite Staircase by Olafur Eliasson makes my eyes fuzzy if i stair at it to much.but cool staircase if it was leading to my balcony

Infinite Staircase by Olafur Eliasson

The Infinite Staircase sculpture titled Umschreibung was designed by Olafur Eliasson. The staircase can be found at the entrance of the KPMG office building in Munich, Germany. Photo taken by Christian Krieglsteiner.

Spiral Staircase... looks like a seashell.

Man has built so many cool things, and spiral staircases has to be one of them. I enjoy getting all the way up just to look down and enjoy the way the spiral goes on. Here are some amazing photographs that captured that exactly moment, enjoy!

Yarn bombing the Gypsy stairs - WOW that's a determined crocheter! #mollietakeover @Highland Wool and Textiles

Get info about how to textile design. Christiane Wyler began her career as a textile designer. After graduating in 1979 from the University of Muenchberg, Germany with a Diploma in Textile Design, she worked in Switzerland in a variety of industries.

Красивый дом: Лестницы

A black-and-white photograph of the staircase at the Queen's House, Greenwich. Patrick Baty was involved in its restoration.

спиральные лестницы

Spiral staircase photography “Momo Stairs” – Naoto Tsujimoto (notice the double helix)

spiraltrappa - Sök på Google

These rainbow spiral stairs add some color to this London home. Designed by Ab Rogers Design . Photography by John Short.- seen on: 7 Inspiring Examples Of Rainbow Stairs //

Tulip Eye - the wonderful tulip staircase in the Queens House, London

Tulip Eye - the wonderful tulip staircase in the Queens House, London. The first self supporting spiral stair in Britain.

Amazing architecture! Follow me for more great photos

abstract design but amazingly beautiful. Photographer used pixel benders to distort balconies and outside stairs in new york city

Adelphi Hotel Liverpool. Metal staircase. by Michael Fahy via

super interesting pattern & richness of color - adelphi hotel in liverpool - metal staircase - color inspiration