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Miss Prego 2014 - Pregnant Beauty Contest - Pregnant Girls in Bikinis - WTF---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

Hall hath no fury like an angry mother.

Want Some Ketchup With Those Noodles? The Best in Absurd Stock Photography

16 ways I blew my marriage: an incredibly insightful (and, at times, funny) list of marriage downers, how to avoid them, and the perks of doing so. Great advice for anyone, married or not.

This is great to read, no matter how great your marriage/relationship is! 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage - Both Men and Women need to read this! Not just for the guys!

Worcester County Mediation

Worcester County Mediation

Handy hints: five handshakes to avoid at interviews http://careers.theguardian.com/careers-blog/five-handshakes-avoid-job-interviews

Handy hints: five handshakes to avoid at interviews