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"A degree in history: Ruining your childhood one animated movie at a time." - F* Yeah, History Major Heraldic Beast. personally a history minor but same thing too

Today I learned something about Medusa...

It's a lot of reading but worth it//Today I learned something new about Medusa // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

When we REALLY loved hockey: | Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tumblr Posts About Canadian Stereotypes

Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tumblr Posts About Canadian Stereotypes

"I always dismissed Canadian stereotypes, and then I remembered that my friend has canoed to my house.

Scrubs: Even Dr Cox cried when watching The Lion King

It´s funny how Dr. Cox always makes fun of J. Still, season 6 and on they didn't have too many moments.

She won being a pirate…

Ching Shih the badass female Pirate. Basically if Mulan and Jack Sparrow had a kid.seriously, it's people like this who make history what it is.

Ap world history lol

21 Jokes Only History Nerds Will Understand

Marxist Utopia, A T-Shirt Design Uniting ‘Yo Mamma’ Jokes & Marxism

History memes will never not amuse me

We Americans reject your royalty's laws, taxes, spelling, and tea but will never reject King Henry's foot as a unit of measurement - American history memes

It's All in the Execution T-Shirt. Gotta love Henry VIII. Hilarious! At least to a history nerd. Headlineshirts.net  Lots of funny shirts to be had.

It's All in the Execution, A Headline Shirts Original T-Shirt

It's All in the Execution - Headline Shirts - Funny T Shirts - Intelligently Funny Tees

Hahaaha i don't generally like the Keep Calm stuff, but I couldn't resist.

The Tudors Funny - Keep calm with that Henry Tudor

Haha I get it...off with their head! O that's horribly funny but I can't stop laughing

The Tudors Funny - Haha I get it. O that's horribly funny but I can't stop laughing

My Milkshake Bringeth All Ye Gentlefolk to the Yard

My milkshake bringeth all ye gentlefolk to the yard, and they're like it's better than thine. Verily, it's better than thine. I could teach you, but I must levy a fee.

I like to believe it is......but sadly they all got shot tragically......sniff......

You know you're a history fan when.

Weeeelllll.. not quite. But its still pretty funny.

But its still pretty funny.

It was a problem for WWII soldiers too

Quick and easy ideas to spice up your lessons, brought to you by I teach History but many of these ideas are transferable to other subjects too!

HA! Truth. Especially if they begin to invade on the same day Napoleon started his ill-fated invasion. Good call, Hitler, good call.

You know you're a history fan when. Actually, just read or watch War and Peace (when watching, definitely go for the 14 hour BBC Mini-series;

Tripartite Pact

I see a Mean Girls/Hetalia crossover.