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Vigee Le Brun ART Page 65- Madame Grand, later Princess de Talleyrand - 1776 oil on canvas Catherine Noele Verlee (called Worlee) was born in Tranquebar, India, in 1762, where her father was a French official. In 1778, when she was barely 16, she married George Francis Grand. After adventures in Calcutta and London they settled in Paris where she was painted by Vigée Le Brun. She divorced Grand, and in 1802 married Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, Duc de Périgord, later Prince de Bénévent…

Valentine de Sainte-Aldegonde May 1820 – 23 September was a French noblewoman. She was the wife of Alexandre Edmond de Talleyrand-Périgord and the mistress of Anatole Demidov. By marriage, she was Valentine, Duchess of Dino.

Elisabeth de Bourbon (1764–1794), Princess of France, 'Madame Elisabeth' by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun

Close friend of MA - Elisabeth de Bourbon 1764 1794 princess of france Madame Elisabeth - sister of Louis XVI

1779 - A beautiful fine portrait of John Mortlock of Cambridge and Abington Hall Great Abington Cambridgeshire - by John Downman

history-of-fashion: 1779 John Downman - John Mortlock of Cambridge and Abington Hall, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire

Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de Saint-Aubin, Comtesse de Genlis    published by The Medici Society Ltd, after George Romney  chromolithograph, 1921

published by The Medici Society Ltd, after George Romney chromolithograph 1921 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Louis Jean Charles de Talleyrand-Périgord (1678-1757), Prince de Chalais, 5ème. Marquis d'Excideuil, Grand d'Espagne.

Louis Jean Charles de Talleyrand-Périgord (1678-1757), Prince de Chalais, 5ème. Marquis d'Excideuil, Grand d'Espagne.

Stephanie Felicite du Crest de Saint-Aubin, Comtesse de Genlis, Marquise de Sillery (1746-1830) / Miniature.

Stéphanie-Félicité du Crest de Saint-Aubin, comtesse de Genlis by s

Maurice-Quentin de La Tour (1704-1788)  Pierre-Louis Laideguive, c.1761 : National Art Museum of Catalonia,  Barcelona.  Spain (822×1024)

Maurice-Quentin de la Tour, Portrait of Pierre-Louis Laideguive, notaire at the Chatelet, King secretary, 1760

James Adam (1732–1794) by Allan Ramsay 1754, Collection: Laing Art Gallery  via Rococo Revisited

James Adam by Allan Ramsay 1754 Oil on canvas Collection: Laing Art Gallery James Adam July 1732 – 20 October was a Scottish architect and furniture designer, often overshadowed by his older brother and business partner, Robert.

Eugène de Beauharnais- very young in this picture. He begins losing his hair early, and wears his hair combed forward, plus a military mustache to draw he eye away. He was effective on the battlefield, however, and did not seem prone to the marital difficulties of his mother nor his step-father, of whom he was fond, and to whom he was loyal.

Eugène de Beauharnais

Engraved portrait of Eugène de Beauharnais by Alix - c. 1805 Prince Eugene was Joséphine’s only son, whom Napoléon made Viceroy of Italy. He is seen here in his official uniform.

Marquise de Puységur, by Nicolas De Largilliere

Artworks of Nicolas de Largilliere (French, 1665 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.

Portrait of a Woman circle of Andrea del Sarto (Italian, 1486-1530) (Italian painter, tudor england sitter by looks.)

Portrait of a Woman Andrea del Sarto Italian 1518 Renaissance oil on wood Cleveland Art Museum