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Those mini-ass candy pieces aren't FUN. FUN sized candy bars would be big enough for me to get so excited at the mere thought of it, I get hungry with a stupid grin on my face. Eating one of those things would be FUN. Having a candy bar be gone in two seconds is not my idea of fun.

Fun size Snickers…

Funny pictures about Fun size Snickers. Oh, and cool pics about Fun size Snickers. Also, Fun size Snickers.

"I divided the class into 3 teams. We formed a landform using giant Legos for each team. Then, each member of the team took turns breaking off a Lego from the landform (weathering), crab walked with their piece (erosion) and created a new landform on the other side (deposition). The team that created the new landform 1st won."

Amazing Science Ideas from Amazing Teachers

Today we learned about the three states of matter! They are solid, liquid, and gas. We also learned about the molecule arrangements of the d...

Cycle 1 Foldable States of Matter: We should already know this, but it makes density make more sense. Physical Science Topic: Matter and Forms of Energy Content: Matter exists in different states each of which has different properties.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry Novel Unit $

Number the Stars [Lois Lowry] Google Digital + Printable Book Unit

Big6, Large and in Charge by Danielle N. DuPuis and Annette C.H. Nelson - Linworth - ABC-CLIO

Large and in Charge: Project based Information Literacy Lessons for Grades 3 6 Information Literacy Skills)

Bingo for Social Studies. Covers some of the important people from the Civil War to World War 2. Great for fifth grade review.

Important People from Civil War to World War 2 Bingo

Bingo covering people from the Civil War to World War Fun way to help students remember important people.