Erkunde Street-style London, Straßen und noch mehr!

Streetstyle von der Londoner Fashion Week
Fashion Week
The Street Style Accessories at Paris Fashion Week Are Pure Genius

Day 1

Living for the weekend. #NastyGalNewArrivals

Crochet What's Up Hello Lace Dress

Diesen neuen Jeans-Trend wird erstmal keiner verstehen, aber dann werden ihn alle mitmachen wollen!
Ladies, it"s time to crop to it.

Nasty Gal Denim - Out on Bell Flare Jeans

Owning more than 200 pairs, I can’t deny that it became kind of a collector’s passion. Eventually I have this disposition since my childhood, back then it were neatly classified coffee cream caps – today it’s the shoes which are tidily arranged in their shelves. Yes, I have this thing with shoes – especially when they’re special! The comfortable Navyboot Original is definitely a special one with its bright Read More

I have this thing with shoes

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Mic Drop Beaded Dress

Ruffle sleeve sweater

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