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Leica // clean fine lines, and dark colors and metals makes gives it a rich feel.

The Leica Titanium is the gleaming end-product of an exclusive collaboration with famed automobile designer Walter de’Silva, responsible for the innovative design concepts in the latest models from the Volkswagen Group.

Kodak Brownie.  This is what I remember taking pictures with as a kid. Seeing the picture upside down while looking into the viewfinder.

Who's That Kodak Girl? Early Camera Ads Depict Women as Adventurous Shutterbugs. Kodak instruction booklets were often pitched directly to young girls.

Leica M RED Camera design by Apple's Design SVP Jony Ive

Leica M RED Camera ‘This one-of-a-kind camera sports a machined aluminum aesthetic designed by Apple’s Jony Ive, and is based on the Leica Digital Rangefinder Camera’.

No time like the past | Fort Silver

Rollei flex cameras are a great accent for the treasure hunter steampunk outfit. They just have the look without any alterations!, via Karen Doman