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[ Kris] Wu Yifan

[ Kris] Wu Yifan

Tencent Fation | KRIS 吴亦凡 (Wu Yi Fan) I'm sorry. I can't handle him like this. too hot too hot too much. mmuuhh ajkflhsfdyoiel

' from the story Du Bist Mein {Baekyeol} by Anna_Exo-L_Army with 216 reads. ~~~~~Am Dienstag~~~~~ Suho Pov

#wuyifan #kriswu #吴亦凡

Kris resting and enjoying the sun on his soft face

Wu Yi Fan | 吴亦凡 | Kris | 크리스 | Ngô Diệc Phàm | Kris Wu | Li Jiaheng | 李嘉恒 | Lý Gia Hằng | D.O.B 6/11/1990 (Scorpio)

Wu Yi Fan - Bob Trotta is a high end, men's fashion consultant that has…

#WuYiFan hashtag on Twitter

Happy WuYiFan Day (I accept him leaving EXO, but the only other board I could put him in is "Kpop", but he's Chinese, so.

The sarcasm is strong... Kris

The sarcasm is strong