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Absinthe Poster

Absinthe Poster from an advertising carton for Absinthe Barth and Cie, based in Chalon-sur-Saine; original poster size 43 x

Absinthe  ~ A drink with a following & a fascination... Repinned for you by Karen of AZdesertTrips.com

Vintage Movie Poster Glen White Absinthe Universal Film

stunning poster by the U. Lithograph company for Edison's “Absinthe” starring the long forgotten Glen White.

Absinthe Poster of an old lithograph lamenting the prohibition of Absinthe in France, by ministerial decree of 7th January 1915. In the centre, trampling the wounded Green Fairy, is Raymond Poincaire, President of the French Republic, while French troops are engaged in the first battles of the Great War. This poster was discovered in 1970 in Le bar de l'Univers - Cafe Caramy in Brignoles, a small town on route from Marseille to Cannes. In 1920 the building was walled up and 50 yrs later the…

When Parisians used to call it "la fée verte" (the green fairy), the custom of drinking absinthe had became so popular in bars, bistros, cafés, and cabar

La-Cressonnee-46KB.jpg 410×609 pixels

Poster for La Cressonnee Absinthe - Absinthe Poster for La Cressonnee - a popular Absinthe brand, additionally flavoured with watercress;

Tempus Fugit is an importer of newly legalized absinthes to the US.

Clock Hourglass Time: A poster for Tempus Fugit Spirits. "Tempus Fugit" is Latin for "Time Flees," more often translated, however, as "Time Flies.

Absinthe J. Edouard Pernot by Leonnetto Cappiello (1900-1905)

Absinthe J. Edouard Pernot - vintage advertising poster by Leonnetto Cappiello