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View The Global Guide To Hand Gestures (Infographic). Plan on an international vacation any time soon? You might be wise to look at this infographic and learn what common hand gestures mean around the world.

American Non verbal communication ... it all depends on where in the world you are ...!

Hand Jive: Top 7 Common American Hand Gestures That Can Get You In Trouble Abroad infographic

That's cool I love stuff like this.....

What Does Your State Do Best Infographic - The United States is a very diverse, and multi cultural place to live. Each state usually has its famous.

First Impressions: The 8 Things People Decide When First Meet You

Your first impression might tell people you’re untrustworthy, lacking intelligence, or even promiscuous. We all hope that when meeting someone new, we don’t make a huge goof, like offending that…

Presentation_DosandDonts.  Great infographic on the do's and don'ts for creating and delivering effective presentations.

Infographic: Top Five Presentation Do's and Don'ts

Top 5 Presentation Do's & Don'ts - things to keep in mind for the coming school year because you WILL be doing presentations in your classes.

Why do we like music? Because it's awesome, that's why.

Music and the brain.

Music and the brain. Why do we like Music, why does it help with mood control, coping skills & therapy

Infographic: The iceberg that sinks organizational change

The iceberg that sinks organizational change

Enter Now and Discover a Great Infographic on the Iceberg That Sinks Organizational Change on Your Resource for Change Management Information and News.

Here is an infographic revealing information on comparison between the private attorney and public defender along with various facts of courts.

Private Attorney vs Public Defender This infographic presents a comparison of having a private attorney or public defender represent you if you are accused of a crime.

I had one of these

WTF Nifty Notes-Sometimes the only acceptable response to something is WTF. For all those special WTF moments we introduce the WTF Nifty Notes. Now you can let all those idiots at work know what really is going on and you have just the stationary to

Because we all love Japanese

Everyday, a little bit of Japanese ^__^ A guide for every picture: Every picture is divided into 5 parts -the number of the post in Japanese -the kanji -the furigana -the romanization (Japanese.