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#blastfromthepast #Behind Blue Eyes - Bild & Foto von Oliver Kühne aus #Portrait - Fotografie (4893631) | fotocommunity #male #blue #eyes

Behind Blue Eyes

baby blues close-up / I love doing this type of photograph with my youngest - she has some of the most stunning blue eyes & the longest eyelashes <3

I want a blue-eyed picture of Ella like this. She has brilliantly blue eyes (not this blue).but her eyes are gorgeous.

Stars and clouds cake smash session by Laura Sanz Photography

Stars and clouds cake smash session by Laura Sanz Photography (Cake Smash)

Making eyes pop using lightroom3. This is my favorite tutorial on editing eyes.

Making the Eyes Pop in Lightroom 3

nice subtle eye pop in Lightroom (no alien eyes here!

Gazing into Órfhlaith's right eye is truly splendid, in the way you gaze into the depths of an icy sea.

I looked at her vivid blue eyes. They weren't only blue they had a mixture of blue and green that made them look like the sea. They also seemed to glow in the night casting a bluish light upon her face.

How to make eyes 'pop' in photos

"Eye-Popping" Photoshop Tutorial (Using a Free Photoshop Action from The Pioneer Woman)

Helpful - tips on photographing eyes.( It's all about the lighting. Keep subject in shade while you stand in light.)

Photography tips - eyes - capturing light. This girl is precious!

11 photo editing tricks I can't believe I didn't know!

Photo tricks for Photoshop and Lightroom: Take off 10 Lbs, Whiten Teeth, Cover Grey, and Smooth Skin. Learn How in these Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials that will change your life.

The CoffeeShop Blog: CoffeeShop LightRoom 2 "Eye Pop" Tutorial!

Eye pop tutorial in Lightroom

I believe this has been edited by Photoshop--but wouldn't it be cool if it wasn't?!

teal owl beautiful amazing The correct name of this owl is Hoax tealus photoshopensus, at the moment seems rare, unlike the Red, Violet and Rainbow Owls.