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Does your pet dog need toys to play with? This dog has one very special toy that he likes so much, that he won

Oh my goodness......I don't even know what to say

Those little rascals…

Funny pictures about Valid reasons to never have kids. Oh, and cool pics about Valid reasons to never have kids. Also, Valid reasons to never have kids.

The last one took me a while to realize haha

all the picture fails, and simultaneously, all the epic photo bombs, some accidental, some on purpose

Catnip: Not Even Once  THE DOG/Flower had me LMFAO!!!

Catnip: Not Even Once

Possibly the funniest thing ever. I didn't know catnip is like drugs for cats. I'm getting some for my kitty!

9GAG - Forever Alone No More!

SO TRUE! Hahahaha :)) This dude right beside me is STILL looking at his thumb. Truth of life // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

28 parents who are trolls at heart

esp the prom pics with dad in the background! The best kind of parenting. haha laughed so hard at this!

Dog rage.   #chinesecrested#sweater#dogclothes#knitsweater#doghat#dogknits#couchpotatocollection https://www.etsy.com/listing/228193834/dog-sweater-hand-knit-dog-sweaterall?ref=shop_home_active_1

Use your blinker.it's my biggest pet peeve on the road.after all it is conveinently located on the stearing wheel! (My other pet peeve is people who can't spell, and yet I'm wondering how many words I have misspelled here.

Sorry but this is funny as hell.                     LMDO??

Funny pictures about Ok Guys Who Took My D*ck, tagged with camel toe, d*ck, guys, took posted in Gags

Looking respectable until...

Terry Crews is hilaaarious! I love Jason Statham in this picture. I love him all the time, but here he's super cute lol

Oh, so thats what it feels like

I texted by 36 week pregnant wife how she was feeling this is the picture i got in response, very obese fat hairless cat kitten sagging boobs chest, tired looking Funny Pictures Of The Day - 73 Pics