Vertical Cities 1, Allison Rae.

Vertical Cities by Allison Rae. This is great, I'm not the only one who's dreamt up a vertical city. Mine was designed on the ocean and called Platinum City. I'll never throw away the sketches.

Stimulation of Life    We are so alienated from each other that every achoo makes us blush a little. Full buses of people and we act that noone else exists but me: everyone hears it and says silent bless you inside. If you say it loudly – what a freak/creap/weirdo looking for friends!    Problems, work, ego, being afraid to.. live - constants in daily life.

Eric Drooker is an award-winning graphic novelist, painter, and frequent cover artist for The New Yorker. Original art, and fine art prints for sale.

Mr Teckel

In while I was in Aardman studio I had the opportunity to work on several feature film projects, one of them was "The Abominables", adapted from.


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