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twinkle twinkle

You still mad?Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.How I wonder what you are? I'm gonna run you over with my fucking car.Yeah, you're still mad.Run, bitch.

iPhones are autobots, Android are Deceptacons.

Funny pictures about Why is there a crack on my phone? Oh, and cool pics about Why is there a crack on my phone? Also, Why is there a crack on my phone?


My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard and they're like "You wanna trade cards?" Darn right I wanna trade cards I'll trade you but not my Charizard

When parents steal their kids smartphones.

Funny pictures about When parents text. Oh, and cool pics about When parents text. Also, When parents text.


Parenting win - this is pretty funny. We'd have to be having a really good "sense of humor" night for this to fly. But, I hope at least once, We do it. I wonder if Isaac will accept the challenge?

this is my worst fear.  texting something completely inappropriate to the incorrect person!  More like sending a text meant for @Robin Moffat to anyone else!  LOL!

I love when texts are sent to the wrong person.just not when I send a text to the wrong person lol

Well Thats Fantastic!!

You: MOM! Mom: I know thats why said wtf. You: Mom, what do you think wtf means? Mom: Well That's Fantastic

So cute and funny

Boyfriend sending text messages to girlfriend while she is driving, but he insists her on texting back. Did you see the commercial?