old washing machine

Stainless Steel Garden Incinerator - Patio Heater From Recycled Scrap.

I love this Patina Copper Hose Pot

A washing machine, wash tub. good use for water hose storage. Now I would love to know where I can get a vintage copper washing machine insert?

18+ Mind-Blowing DIY Outdoor Fire Pits

There are a dozen uses for old washing machine drums, but this one is possibly the most cottage-worthy!

A different Fire Pit from a Washing Machine drum

A Different Fire Pit From a Washing Machine Drum

Sideways firepit, interesting but I'm not totally sure how this is better than the upright version. A different Fire Pit from washer drum

Wringer Washers - My Grandmothers used this type of Wringer Washer.

Wringer Washers - My Mom used a Wringer Washer. I learned how to wash the clothes with it. I hated getting the clothes stuck in the wringer.